Compassionate and Caring Therapeutic Counseling

Crossville Counseling Center, P.C. was created with the client in mind.  Upon entering you will find a comfortable, serene atmosphere wherein you will be greeted with a smile and a confident listening ear.  Come and make yourself at home as we discuss your needs and help you discover the solutions.

The most frequent problem encountered with couples is that they wait too long to call for help.  If you are in need of healing or restoration in your relationship, or could work on improving your communication and conflict resolution skills, take the step now to set an appointment.   Learn to build on your strengths to eliminate your challenges for an improved and successful  relationship. 

Family Therapy

Individual Therapy

Whether for the single parent, couple or a guardian seeking help for themselves and their children, family therapy may be the right choice.  If it is behavioral issues in a child(ren), significant adjustments for the family, multi-generational struggles, substance abuse, or other forms of abuse the family might be ill-equipped to address the total family needs.  Family therapy can assess each family member and increase the family's ability to function effectively.

With the pressures of the world you might be searching for the reasons you think and feel the way you do.  When participating in individual therapy sessions you can work on your past and/or present situations and find ways to resolve the conflicts in your life.  Whether it is depression, anxiety, past or current abuse, interpersonal issues, behavioral issues, anger management, or something different, we can assist you to resolve the issues in your life.

Marriage & Couple Therapy

Crossville Counseling Center, P.C.